डॉ. अनुपम जैन

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज


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Name Dr. Anupam Jain
Father's Name Late Shri Trilok Chand Jain
Permanent Address ‘Gyan Chhaya’, D-14, Sudama Nagar, Indore-452009 (M.P.) INDIA
Present Address ‘Gyan Chhaya’, D-14, Sudama Nagar, Indore-452009 (M.P.) INDIA
Contact No. +91 9425053822, +91 731 2797790
E-mail anupamjain3@rediffmail.com
Date of Birth June 17, 1958
Languages Known Hindi & English
Academic Qualifications • M.Sc. (Mathematics) , Agra University, 1979
• M. Phil. (Mathematics), Meerut University, 1980
• Ph. D. (History of Mathematics), Meerut University, 1992
• Prakrit Ratna, NIPSAR-Sravanbelgola, 2012
Positions Held • Professor of Mathematics in Higher Education Department of M.P. Government since 2006.
• Currently Posted at Government Degree College sanwer (Indore)
Other Social Responsibilities • Hony. Secretary & Executive Director-Kundakunda Gyan Peeth, Indore Since 1987
• General Secretary- Tirthankara Rishabhdeo Vidvata Mahasangha, Hastinapur (Meerut), Since 1998
• Hony. Director –Ganini Gyanmati Shodh Peeth, Jambudvipa, Hastinapur (Meerut), Since 2003.
• President- Research Promoting & Communication Society, Indore, Since 2008.
• Founder Secretary- Rishbhdeo Gaurav Nyas, Indore, Since 2013.
Teaching Experience • Graduate Level - 32 years
• Post Graduate Level – 17 years
Research Experience • 35 years
Research Guidance • Ph. D. completed – 09
• Ph. D. in progress – 04
• M. Phil. Dissertation – 01
• M.Sc. Projects – 15
• Research Projects - 03
Books • 14 books has been published till date.
Research Papers & Survey Articles • 81 research papers on Mathematics / History of Mathematics.
• 27 research papers on other non Mathematical subjects.
• 106 paper presented / submitted, Lectures / talk delivered.
Editorial Works • Editor of 60 Felicitation / Memorial volumes / Souvenirs / Books etc.
• Chief editor / editor / advisor / member in editorial board of 10 periodicals.
• Editor of Arhat Vacana quarterly research journal.
Country Visited • Japan, Hong-kong,& U.K.
Felicitation & Awards • Late Chandmal Pandya Gauhati Memorial Journalism Award 1993.
• Ganini Gyanmati Award, 1995.
• Ahinsa International Premchand Journalism Award, 2000
• Jain Rashtriya Gaurav Award, 2002
• Rishabh Deo Award, 2002
• Vishva Maitree Seva Award, 2005
• Maha Kavi Raidhu Award, 2008.
• Upadhyay Gyansagar Golden Jublee Award 2008
• Nandhyavarta Mahal Award, 2009
• Achary Nemichandra Siddhantchakravarti Award, 2010.
• Vagishvari Award, 2011.
• Jain Agam Manisha Award, 2012.
• 18 other national awards
Aim • To explore scientific content of Jain literature.
• Deep study of Jain School of Mathematics
Specialization • Proficient in Jain School of Mathematics.

Dr. Anupam Jain

Mr.Anupam Jain , a modern mathematician, was born on 17th June 1958 in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh. He obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees with distinction from C.L.Jain Degree College, Firozabad, affiliated to Agra University. Staying in Jain Boarding House at Meerut, he obtained his M.Phil degree in 1980 from the Meerut University. He was awarded Ph.D.degree in History of Mathematics for his thesis “Ganita ke Vikasa main Jaina Acaryon ka Yogdana” by Meerut University in 1992.

Anupam Jain is a member of Indian Science Congress and Mathematical association of India. He is the founder member of National Group of History and Pedagogy of Mathematical Sciences, New Delhi. He is a life member of Digambara Jaina Vidvata Parisada, Delhi and Dig. Jaina Sastri Parisada. He was also a member of Sri Gommatesa Mahamastakabhisheka Mahotsava 1993 and Sri Rsabhdeva Mahamastakabhisheka evam Tisa Chauvisi Panca Kalyanaka Pratista Mahotsava Samiti, 1994. Because of his excellent execution of the work, he was chosen the convenor of ‘Aryika Jnanamati Sahitya Sangosti’ held at Hastinapur in 1995. He was also one of the organisers for the National Conference on Rshabhdeva in 1993, organised jointly by Awadh University, Faizabad and Ayodhya Tirtha Kshetra Committee. He is a member of advisory committee of Rshabhdeva Jaina Pitha formed by Dr. Ram Manohar, Lohiya University, Faizabad.

Mr.Anupam Jain served as a Lecturer at Salawa Inter College, Salawa, Meerut and Lajpat Rai (P.G.) College, Sahidabad, Uttar Pradesh. He was an Assistant Professor in Government Degree College, Sarangpur (Rajgarh). Presently he is an Assistant Professor at the Government Autonomous Holkar Science College, Indore and is also the Visiting Faculty at the International Institute of Professional Studies, D.A.V.V., Indore.

Mr.Anupam Jain has published three books. Jambudvipa Paristiana (Hindi), Dig. Jaina Institute of Cosmographic Research, Hastinapur,1982. In 1985 he published two books, Mahaviracarya – Ek Samiksatmaka Adhyayana (Hindi), Co-author Prof. Suresh Chandra Agrawal, D.J.1.C.R., Hastinapur and Philosopher Mathematicians (English), Co-author Prof. L. C. Jain, D.J.1.C.R., Hastinapur. He has also published more than 32 research articles in various national and international journals. His co-authors are Sri Jai Chandra Jain, Prof. Suresh Chandra Agrawal and Prof. L. C. Jain. He has successfully edited two felicitation volumes, two proceedings and many books. He writes continuously in many national and international magazines. He is the editor of “Arhat Vacana”, which is a quarterly research Journal published from Kundakunda Jnanapitha (Research Centre) at lndore affliated to Devi Ahilya University, lndore.. He is an advisor for Yuva Parisada Bulletin, Vira Nikalanka and Sanmati Vani. He is one of the trustees of Prakrata Jnana Bharati Education Trust, Bangalore. At present, he is the Joint Secretary of All India Digambar Jain Yuva Parisada. He is also the secretary of the Kundakunda Jnanpitha Research Centre. He is not only active in social field, but is also equally active in his own subject – Mathematics. He is the youngest member among the International Editorial Board of the International Research Journal ‘Ganita Bharati’, a publication from Indian Society for History of Mathematics, New Delhi.

Since childhood he has developed a keen interest in popularising Jainism. In this direction, he founded an organisation ‘Jain Bala Sangha’ (Child Association) in 1972 when he was just 14 years of age as a protest to those who were going against original Jaina traditions. Through this association, he published a magazine on Jaina Religion named ‘Jaina Dharma’. In his 15th year of age, he edited and published a book on the worship of Jaina Muni Acarya Sri Simandhara Sagar. Since 1980 he is continuously presenting research papers in many universities in India and abroad. He delivered a lecture on ‘Indian Contributions on Mathematics with Special References of Jainacaryas’ in the international Symposium on History of Mathematics and Mathematical Education held at Gunma University, Japan in 1987. In the world conference on Ahimsa held at New Delhi during 1980 he presented the paper ‘Ahimsa and Ecological Balance’.

Dr.Jain has received several awards. For his contribution towards his study of Jainism he was honoured ‘Jnanavaridhi’ in 1992. On the occasion of the Mahamastakabhishekha of Lord Bahubali in 1993, he was honoured for his exemplary work in the field of Mathematics contained in Jain Sastras. For his remarkable achievement in the field of publication of Journals, he was awarded ‘Late Sri Chandamal Pandya Memorial Award’ at the conference of the Dig. Jaina Sastri Parisada, Sagar in 1993. In 1995 he was given the title ‘Srutashri’ by Upadhyaya Muni Sri Jnanasagara ji at Saharanpur. He was honoured with the prestigious ‘Ganini Aryika Jnanamat Puraskara’ in 1995. This award was bestowed on him for his significant contribution in the field of the mathematical contents contained in Jaina Agamas and his deep involvement and co-operation in popularising educational and academic programmes of Digambara Jain Triloka Sodha Sansthana.

Dr.Anupam Jain intends to devote the rest of his life to the study of the mathematical and scientific contents contained in Jaina Agamas. He intends to upgrade Digambara Jaina Triloka Sodha Samsthana, Hastinapur and Kundakunda Jnanapitha, lndore into International Information Centres.