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२७ अप्रैल से २९ अप्रैल तक ऋषभदेवपुरम् मांगीतुंगी सिद्धक्षेत्र में लघु पंचकल्याणक प्रतिष्ठा आयोजित की गई है |

२५ अप्रैल प्रातः ६:४० से प्रतिदिन पारस चैनल पर पूज्य श्री ज्ञानमती माताजी के द्वारा षट्खण्डागम ग्रंथ का सार प्रसारित होगा |

Think once! What should I do?

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Think once! What should I do?

Live and let live

It is the main principle of Mahavira.
The soul is in every creature
They also feel happiness and suffering .
O Holiman of the World!
You think once,
If any body gives pain to you,
Then you feel very bad.
So if it may be possible for you,
to give happiness to every little and big creature.
the living-beings of forest also want a peaceful life.
let them live in the forest.
you think secondarily,
you are human and humanity is necessary for you,
and violence is not your field.
today also in india;
where lord mahavira, gautam buddha, mahatma gandhi
and many other great souls have born,
the earth is weeping today, seeing the nacked
dance of violence and saying to you;
oh my child!
why are you doing violence to your brothers?
the creatures of forest are also your relatives.
because they are saving the environment.....
My friend! listen to the instructions of lord Mahavira-
1. Non-violence is your main principle.
2. Non-violence is the truth of soul.

3. Non-violence is the first aspect of Lord.