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यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

www.encyclopediaofjainism.com : (AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR DIGAMBAR JAIN SAMAJ)

1. www.encyclopediaofjainism.com is an ambitious project of making available the maximum possible details about the Culture, Literature, Tirths & Temples, Traditions, Sadhu-Sadhvis, Festivals, Pujas, Scholars, Institutions, Astrology, Vastu and whatever possible about Digambar Jain Religion on Internet.

2. This project has been started by DIGAMBAR JAIN TRILOK SHODH SANSTHAN, Jambudweep-Hastinapur on 9th Apr. 2013 with the economic collaboration of Shri Roshanlal Jain Trust-Hardwar. The Inspiration & Blessings of H.H. Ganini Pramukh Aryika Shri Gyanmati Mataji along with the Chief Editorship of Pragyashramni Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji are the strong pillars of this mega-project, the need of the present times.

3. Presently this encyclopedia has been developed in 2 languages-Hindi & English based on Wikipedia software allowing any web-user all over the world to add or to edit or to replace any related information freely in a simple manner to this ocean of knowledge without any specific or deep technical base.

4. First you have to view this mega-project by clicking `Main Categories' on the left bar of the `Homepage' in either of the 2 languages. You will come across about 200 different categories in an alphabetic order. You can open your choiced category and may become acquainted with the related facts.

5. You have to open your `Account' by clicking on the respective Right Top Bar on the Homepage `Create Account' to work in Encyclopedia i.e. to Add-On the related information in any existing category (or you can create a New Category also) or to Put-Up any related discussion or to Edit the already published article(s). One thing is sure that you have to work in one or the other Category and not without it.

6. For knowing the detailed informations of working in this Encyclopedia, you have to click on `Help' in the Left Bar of Homepage. Soon, you will understand the whole process.

7. You can upload various Audios/Videos of various Digambar Jain Saints/ Sadhvis and also the photos/videos of various Digambar Jain Tirths/Temples (in the category JAIN TIRTH).

8. You can also publish your Article on a particular related subject in your name, along with adding your published Book to the e-library of Encyclopedia.
Infact, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAINISM is the easily accessible free-of-cost platform for the exploration of all the possible Informations/Facts/Details of Digambar Jain Tradition, of course, with your kind co-operation of adding related Informations.

9. If you do-not know Hindi-Typing, don't worry. Transliteration is available on Encyclopedia via Google Input so that you will type Roman English and it will be converted into Hindi. Google Input also provides the key-board of Hindi Typing.

10. If you come across some misleading information in any part of Encyclopedia, you can contact the Head-Office immediately.

Even if you have not to add/edit any information to this Encyclopedia, you just go through various topics to widen your knowledge about this ancientmost religious tradition of the world because ultimately the Principle of LIVE & LET LIVE can secure the future generations on the globe. You can also take the help of this encyclopedia as `JAIN WIKIPEDIA' to prepare your `Article' for any related presentation.

You inspire your friends, family-members and especially the web-friendly youth to know about our Beloved JAIN DHARMA through this modern means of modern world presenting the essential ancient worth-following principles of peaceful & perfect life.