Bhajan (O Mother! Please, give me knowledge)

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

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Music-Chhum Chhum Chhum Chhum baje ghungharoo
O Mother! Please, give me knowledge.
O Mother.......
Give me knowledge, please! give me knowledge.
Because your knowledge is right knowledge.
O Mother.....
Jamboodweep made by your blessing.
Gyanjyoti moved by your blessing.
By your grace Mother! Many work done.
O Mother.....
All your books are very nice.
Because your name is Gyanmatiji
First lady writer among Jain Saints.
O Mother.....
Your life is a beautiful garden.
Where flowers of Gyan are blooming.
I Want to walk in your Garden.
O Mother.....
Recieve my little honour Mataji!
Listen my little prayer Mataji!
By above wording I worship to you.
I pray, please! give me knowldege.
O Mother.....

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