Bhajan (Prince of Kundalpur)

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज
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Music- Kabhi Ram Banke........ Prince of Kundalpur, King of Universe, Mahavira,O Lord ! Mahavira. When You came in Garbh of Trishla, Sixteen dreams seen by Trishla Felt very happiness, Siddharth Emperor, Mahavira,O Lord ! Mahavira. When You had born in the Palace, Indra and Deva came from heaven On the Meru Mountain, Celebrated Abhishek Mahavira, O Lord ! Mahavira. In Young age you took Deeksha, Gained Kevalgyan after twelwe years, Then Samavsaran, formed came all persons, Mahavira, O Lord ! Mahavira. When Vira attained liberation, Indra-human came Pawapuri then Celebrated Diwali, from then began Diwali, Mahavira, O Lord ! Mahavira. Your Shasan is going today also, We worship to you "Chandna"so Give me blessing Prabhuvar, give me knowledge Jinvar, Mahavira, O Lord ! Mahavira.