Bhajan (We are children of Lord Mahavir)

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज
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Music-Ek Pardeshi Mera Dil..... We are children of Lord Mahavir Vira is the father of whole universe, He is always above the universe, It's name is Pawan Siddhashila. Vir was born at Kundalpur, it is in the Bihar state, Bihar state.... Emperor Siddhartha and queen Trishla, were very delighted that day, Delighted..... The mankind announced jai jai Mahavir, We are children of Lord Mahavir......(1) Throne of Saudharm Indra shakes, and four kinds of Deva celebrate, Deva.... Saudharm orders Shachi Indrani, bring the baby Mahavira from Trishla, Mahavira.... and took the Lord to panduk Shila Vir, We are children of Lord Mahavir.......(2) Vir liberated before twenty five century, and nineteen year, Nineteen.. His preachings are necessary, today also in human life, Human... Live & Let Live is his main doctrine, We are children of Lord Mahavir......(3) You are twenty fourth teerthankar, It is believed by all of Jains, All of...... We bow our heads to Mahavir, lotus feet of Lord Mahavir, Lord Mahavir.... 'Chandnamati' prays to Mahavir, We are children of Lord Mahavir......(4)