यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज



Universe is divided in three parts-
1. Upper part is called Urdhva Lok. It consists of sixteen Heavens, nine Graveyaks, nine Anudish & five Anuttars. On the top is Siddhashila (the salvation point).
2. Middle part is called Madhya Lok. It consists of numerous islands & oceans. The first island is Jamboodweep in the middle of all.
3. Lower part is called Adho Lok. It consists of seven hells.
On the upper side of Siddhashila, Liberated souls are present at the end of the Universe.
The entire Universe is in the form of a standing person with his hands placed on both side of the waist & both the feet apart (that is, separated).
The middle Madhya Lok is present at the waist portion. The space just in the middle of the entire Universe from bottom to top is ‘Trasnali’, which is thirteen Raju in length, one Raju in both width and thickness. All living beings (Tras jeev) are found in this space.
Q1)"In which part out of the three are we living?"
ANS1).- We all live in the ARYA KHAND of Bharat Kshetra, which is again a part of Jamboodweep of Madhya Lok. The entire present world is in Arya Khand.
Q2) In how many parts the Universe is divided?
Q3) What is there in Urdhva Lok (upper part)?
Q4) Tell us where is Urdhva Lok and Siddhashila in the picture?
Q5) Where is Arya Khand of Jamboodweep in the picture?
Q6) What do you understand by the length, width and thickness of Trasnali?