Lesson 11 Filtered Water

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Lesson-11 Filtered Water

There are countless (unlimited) lives in a single drop of water; this has been told by Jain Preceptors.
Drinking unfiltered water causes not only the killing of countless lives but it is also bad for health.
Even modern scientists have found that one drop of unfiltered water contains 36450 lives. Therefore everyone should always drink filtered water.
It should be filtered with double fold thick cloth
Filtered water is without livingbeings (pure) for 48 minutes only. Again Tras Jeevas are born in the filtered water therefore it should be filtered again.
If a clove or a cardamom is mixed in the filtered water then it is called “Prasuk”, which remains pure for another 6 hours.If filtered water is boiled it remains pure for 24 hours.

Q.1. How many lives have been acknowledged in a drop of water by the scientists and Jain preceptors?
Q.2. How should be the filter cloth of water?
Q.3. How much time the boiled water remains free from lives?