Lesson 5 Sthavar Living Beings

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Lesson-5 Sthavar living beings
Worldly souls are of two kinds:
1. Tras Jeev
2. Sthavar Jeev
Living beings having one sense are called Sthavar. These living beings consist of body only with the touch sense.
Sthavars are of five kinds-
1. Prithvi-Kayika (Earth-bodied)
2. Jal-Kayika (Water-bodied)
3. Agni-Kayika (Fire-bodied)
4. Vayu-Kayika (Air-bodied)
5. Vanaspati-Kayika (Vegetation-bodied)
1)Earth-bodied beings : are those whose entire body is made of earth like soil, stone, mica, gold etc. Minerals dug from mines are called earth-bodied but when they are removed from their original place, they become lifeless.
2)Water-bodied beings : are those whose whole body is water-based like ice, hail, dew etc
3)Fire-bodied beings : are those whose whole body is fire- based like flame of the lamp, fire, lightening etc.
4)Air-bodied beings : are those whose whole body is air- based like wind, storm etc.
5)Vegetation-bodied beings : are those whose whole body consists of vegetation like trees, creepers, fruits, flowers etc.

Q.1. How many kinds of worldly living beings are there?
Q.2. Define the Sthavar living beings?
Q.3. Who are called fire-bodied beings?
Q.4. Whether charcoal after being extinguished, has life or not?
Q.5. Whether oranges, bananas are lifeless or alive?