Lesson 6 Tras Living Beings

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Lesson-6 Tras living beings
“Living beings having two or more senses are called Tras living beings.”
Tras living beings are of four types:
1) Having two senses.
2) Having three senses.
3) Having four senses.
4) Having five senses.
1) Living beings having power of touch & taste only are of two senses and are called two sensed living beings like worm, earthworm, leech etc.
2) Living beings having power of touch, taste & smell only are of three senses and are called three sensed living beings like ant, bed-bug, scorpion etc.
3) Living beings having power of touch, taste, smell & vision are of four senses and are called four sensed living beings like bees, honeybees, wasps etc.
4) Living beings having power of touch, taste, smell, vision & hearing i.e. having five senses are called five sensed living beings like human beings, deities, infernals, beasts, birds, animals (tiryanch) etc.

Q.1. How many types of Tras living beings are there?
Q.2. Are you Tras or Sthavar living being?
Q.3. Do three sensed living beings have ears?
Q.4. How many senses does a blind & deaf man has?