Lesson 7 Kinds Of Panchendriya Tiryanch

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज


There are three kinds of Panchendriya Tiryanch-
1) Jalchar
2) Thalchar
3) Nabhchar.
1) Jalchar Tiryanch live in water like crocodile, fish, tortoise etc.
2) Thalchar Tiryanch live on the earth like bull, horse, monkey etc.
3) Nabhchar Tiryanch live in the sky like pigeon, parrot and other birds etc.


Panchendriya Tiryanch are of two types-Saini & Asaini.
Those who have wisdom/mind by which they understand lectures and teachings are known as Saini as-elephant, bull, dog, frog etc.
Those who have no wisdom/mind and so they do not understand lectures and teachings are known as Asaini. Some types of parrots, snakes living in water etc. are Asaini.
Human beings, deity and hellish beings all are Saini only. Living beings having one, two, three or four senses are all Asaini
In Panchendriya Tiryanch all are Saini except some who are Asaini. Living beings having two, three or four senses are also known as Vikalatraya.

Q.1. Are human beings divided in Jalchar etc?
Q.2. Who are called Vikalatraya?
Q.3. Are you Saini or Asaini?
Q.4. Can a four sensed living being be called a Saini?