Prayer of Tirthankaras' Birthplaces

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Prayer of Tirthankaras' Birthplaces

  <poem><center> Tune-Tumhi Ho Mata, Pita Tumhi Ho.......

Holy Ayodhya is first birthplace, Where born Rishabh Ajit Abhinandannath. Sumatinath Anantnath also born there, So I bow to Pilgrimage Ayodhya. (1) Second birthplace is Shravasti, Where was born Sambhavnath Jinvar. Crore of crores Jewels were rained there, So I bow to Pilgrimage Shravasti. (2) Kaushambi is third holy Pilgrimage, Shri Padmaprabha Lord was born there. Indra celebrated Festival then, So I bow to Pilgrimage Kaushambi. (3) Two Tirthankaras' birthplace is Banaras, Who were Suparas and Lord Paras. Both of mothers seen sixteen dreams there, So I bow to Pilgrimage Banaras. (4) Shri Chandrapuri is near Banaras, Which is the birthplace of Chandraprabhu ji. His place is waiting for us to progress, I bow to that Pilgrimage Chandrapuri. (5) Kakandi is sixth birthplace Tiratha, There was born Pushpadanta Jinvar. Saudharm Indra came from heaven, So I bow to Kakandi Pilgrimage. (6) The birthplace of Tirthankara tenth, Bhaddilpuri is auspicious place. Shitalnath was born at that place, So I bow to Bhaddilpur Pilgrimage. (7) Mother-land of Shreyansa Jinvar, Shri Singhapuri is near Banaras. That is today famous as Sarnath, I bow to that Singhapuri Pilgrimage. (8) Champapuri is nineth pilgrimage, Which is the birthplace of Vasupujya Jin. There became five Kalyanaks also, So I bow to Champapuri tirth. (9) Holy Pilgrimage is Campilaji, The birthplace of Vimalnath ji. His four Kalyanaks became too there, So I bow to Campila Pilgrimage. (10) Fifteenth Tirthankar Dharmanath, Was born in Ratnapuri Pilgrimage. Many heavenly deities came there , So I bow to Ratnapuri Tirath. (11) Shri Shanti Kunthu Arah Tirthankars, Were born in Hastinapuri Tirth. Jambudvip is famous of there, So I bow to Pilgrimage Hastinapur. (12) Mithilapuri is holy Pilgrimage, Where born Mallinath Naminath Jinvar. Kuber rained then many Jewels there, So I bow to Mithilapuri Tirath. (13)

Rajagrihi is historical place, Where born Munisuvrat Jineshwar. Five Mountains are famous of there, So I bow to Rajgiri Pilgrimage. (14) Twenty second Lord is Neminath, Shauripur is his holy birthplace. He got there four Kalyanak also, So I bow to Shauripur Pilgrimage. (15) Twenty fourth Tirthankar Mahavir, He was born at Kundulpuri Tirth. Situated there Nandyavarta Palace, So I bow to Kundalpur Pilgrimage. (16) These are sixteen holy Pilgrimages, Birthplaces of twenty four Tirthankars. Many developed by Ganini Gyanmatiji, She says to you conserve also them. (17) Twenty four Tirthankars' birthplaces All are holy places of our country. All of you travel to these Pilgrimages,

"Chandnamati" wants Ratnatraya Tirtha. (18)