Seminar की सही परिभाषा

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

सेमिनार की परिभाषा मेरी दृष्टि में

मुम्बई में २३ से २५ जुलाई २०१७ तक आयोजित

National Seminar On Jain Dharma में आर्यिका श्री चन्दनामती माताजी ने

का हिन्दी-अंग्रेजी में विवरण निम्न प्रकार से बताकर विद्वानों को आनंद विभोर कर दिया-
आर्यिका श्री चंदनामती माताजी

से - सेवा धर्म समाज की, आगम के अनुकूल।
यही प्रमुख उद्देश्य है, जैनधर्म का मूल।।१।।
मि - मिलकर धर्मप्रभावना, करो सभी विद्वान।
वर्गोदय को तज करें, सर्वोदय उत्थान।।२।।
ना - नाम से नहिं गुण से सहित, णमोकार हैं मंत्र।
इसका खूब प्रचार हो, नमूँ परमपद पंच।।३।।
- रत्न तीन जग में कहे, देव शास्त्र गुरु धाम।
रत्नत्रय इनसे मिलें, इन पद करें प्रणाम।।४।।

S - School
E - Encyclopedia
M - Mother
IN- Information
A - Austerity
R - Religious
I want to describe seven words of SEMINAR
First word of Seminar is-"S"
All of you and all of us have come to get right knowledge of very ancient Granthas from oldest Ganinee Shri Gyanmati Mataji in her Modern School. So "S" word is meaningful today.
Second word of Seminar is-"E"
The biggest modern Ocean of the knowledge of Jain Dharma. I think that Pujya Gyanmati Mataji is the moving encyclopedia of Jainism in present Era. By her holy inspiration, we have created the Jain Encyclopedia on internet named You can see it every time and you can upload your any religious or social matter.
I'm telling you the meaning of E-encyclopedia. I think that all of you have come here for taking bath in Gyan Ocean of Gyanmati Mataji. Thus "E" word of SEMINAR is also meaningful.
Now I will say about third word of Seminar-"M"
Mother is a very beautiful word. Here is seated the universal mother Gyanmati Mataji.
I say about her.
Simple simple Gyanmati Maa.
But She is Universal Maa.......
Religious gentle men, Professors, scholors & sisters!
I understand here that you and we are getting precious love or Vaatsalya of Pujya Mataji and right knowledge of ancient Granthas also. So I think that "M"-i.e. Mother word of Seminar is very much meaningful for all of us.
You also sing a song with me about Maa-
Music-Too kitni Sundar hai............
O Maa, O Maa......
You are too much nice, as a goddess life,
named Gyanmati Mata, O Maa.........O Maa............
Our minds are very unstable,
You have bounded your mind by knowledge of Jinvani.
You are sea of knowledge, you are unique college.
named Gyanmati Mata, O Maa.........O Maa............(1)
Maa is called by married life.
But you are universal mother by taking initiation.
You are lovely Mother, nobody is as you.
named Gyanmati Mata, O Maa.........O Maa............(2)
Worldly life is very attractive.
But your religious life is very useful life.
Chandnamati says this, you are too much nice.
named Gyanmati Mata, O Maa.........O Maa............(3)
After this, fourth and fifth words are-"I & N"= "IN"
This "information" word is telling us that we should get relgious information or knowledge with all styles, directions and inner-outer both sides. So I & N = IN word of Seminar gives us the essence of Jainism.
Now You know about 6th word of Seminar-"A"
It means-renenciation, Sanyam-Tyag-Tapasya etc.
This word shows its own meaning that we should not gain only bookish knowledge, but should try to get (1) Eight Mulgunas (2) Anuvrats & (3) Mahavrat according to our physical strength.
So this A-Austerity word is also very meaningful in Seminar word.
After the scription of these six letters you will know about seventh & last word-"R"
Religious indicates the naturality-purity & duty. Everybody lives by nature in his life, He wants to purify himself by many-many holy activities like Jinendra Poojan-Jaapya-Guru Bhakti etc. and he tries to perform his duties in his family life by six activities-Deva Pooja-Gurupaasti etc.
At last, I think that this National Seminar on Jainology is very successful by many different-diferent lectures and with many essencial Preachings of Pujya Gyanmati Mataji.
My religious brothers & Sisters!
I have only shared my thoughts with all of you. You have come here from different cities to listen to Pujya Gyanmati Mataji and to learn many special subjects like Gautam Gandhar Vani, Kriti Karma-Chaitya Bhakti etc. which are the Sermons of Chaturth Kal.
When you go from here, use these facts in your lectures in Paryushan Parva and make many new religious devotees. Your life may also be healthy and happy. With many many blessings I end my lecture. Now you can sing with me about human life.
Tune-Milo na tum to.........
Human life is beautiful make it more beautiful
golden chance has come-2.
O Gentle men and sisters! all of you wakeup the earliest.
This life is a gift-love and duty you perform it.
So says this "Chandnamati", We do many worthy works,
Golden Chance has come-2.