Jainudai (चर्चा | योगदान) द्वारा परिवर्तित १७:२९, २ जून २०२० का अवतरण
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Brief Introduction of Antarmana Dr. Muni Shree 108 PrasannSagarMaharajji

Brief Introduction of Antarmana Dr. Muni Shree 108 PrasannSagarMaharajji
Earlier name Shri Dilip Jain
Father’s name Shree Abhay Kumar Jain
Mother’s name Shrimati Shobha Jain
Birth place Chhatarpur
Birth date 23rd July 1970
BrahmcharyaVrat 12th April 1986
Muni Diksha Partapur (Rajasthan), MahavirJayanti (18th April 1989)
Diksha Guru Acharya Shri 108 PushpadantSagarjiMaharaj
Diksha Adarsh Guru TapasviSamrat Acharya Shri 108 SanmatiSagarjiMaharaj

There are 4 to 5 million monks in India today and they are widely respected for their holiness. The austere practices of the monks help to burn off their karma and that of the community at large. Antarmana Dr. Muni Shree 108 PrasannSagarMaharajjiis unique in its own way. After Lord Mahavir, he is the only one who has done fast for 153 days with “Maun Saadhna“of 186 days under “SinhnishkriritVrat” at Padampura, Jaipur. His penance, meditationsand staunch practices make him a jewel in the crown of the world.

His name has entered the India book of records, Asia book of records and Guinness book of world records. He is amongst the first 100 people in India book of records. He made two records in Nagpur and over 14 records in Banagalore on Rakhi.The University of Vietnam embellished Antarmana Muni 108 SagarMaharajji with a PhD degree on 30th June 2017 at PadamprabhuDigambar Jain Mandir, Padampura, Jaipur.

The following records are to his credit:

  • The world record of hand symbol made by 2000 school children on 26th February 2018.
  • The world record of 1008 couples giving sweets to each other on 25th February 2018.
  • The world record of an exclusive temple of 1008 Shree Chandra prabhubhagwan and GaniniAaryika 105 SuparshmatimatajiAraadhyaDhaam on 26th February 2018.
  • The world record of 186 days silence for SinhnishkriritVrat at Antarmana Varshayog 2017 on 11th January 2018.He did "Maun Sadhna" for 186 days without speaking a single word from 9th July 2017 to 11th January 2018 at Shree Digambar Jain AtishayKshetraPadampura, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  • The world record of 153 days fasting for SinhnishkriritVrat at Antarmana Varshayog 2017 on 11th January 2018. He kept a fast of 153 days without food and water from 9th July 2017 to 11th January 2018 at Shree Digambar Jain AtishayKshetraPadampura, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  • The world record of declaring milk as the Best Food on 11th January 2018.
  • The world record of longest “Raksha Sutra” at Bangalore in 2016.

It won’t be an exaggeration if it’s said that Antarmana is the only saint with such hard penance and having so many records to his name. His divine lectures take the audience to a different world. His teachings make a man motivated towards life and becomes ready to face the challenges of the world. Rakhi kalai ki ho ya Zameen ki , sabko protect Karti hai. Sanskaro ki raksha honi hi chaiye.

Aacharya Shri Puspdant Sagar Ji honoured ANTARMANA with the title of 'TAPACHARYA' at Pushpgiri , on the occasion of Guru Purnima , as he is the only Digamber Saint and the unique ascetic doing such a deep penance.


Antarmana in the year 2017 - 2018 did the Singhnishkridit fast involving absolute silence for 186 days at padampura . He also did 153 days fast without having a drop of water , and had Aahar (food) only on 33 days . Again in 2018 at ahmedabad chaturmas , he did the 64 riddhi practice involving 67 days without food and water and continous 72 days with rigid practice of silence . Muni shri has done more than 3000 fast showing difficult , rigid and tough penance . Till now muni shree has visited 32 states covering more than 90,000 km promoting non violence and morality . He has also achieved the pride of doing continous 8 rounds of prayer in 1 day in Shree Sammed Shikhar Ji .


Your Favourite Attire Nature’s Dress (Digamber)
Your Favourite Colour Red-Yellow
Your Favourite Food Chapati, Vegetables, Khichdi
Your Favourite Dish Gulab Jamun
Your Favourite Sport Gilli Danda
Your Favourite Ride Horse Riding
Your Favourite Vehicle Cycle
Your Favourite Animal Horse
Your Favourite Singer(Male) Rafi, Mukesh
Your Favourite Singer(Female) Lata Mangeshkar
Your Favourite Musical Instrument Flute, Dholak
Your Favourite Devotional Song Meri Bhavna
Your Favourite Flower Lotus
Your Favourite Film Nadiya Ke Paar, Ek Phool Do Maali
Your Favourite Destination Cold Places
Your Favourite Literature Gulistan , Kadwe Pravachan
Your Favourite Human(Person) Dutiful , Responsible
Person or Humans you do not like Indolent
Do you have any complains or regrets I have no complains or regrets.Whatever happens will be Good.
If you were not a saint, what you would have been (smiling and laughing) A father of two to four children, Amateur.
Your Favourite Pilgrimage The Summit Of Pilgrimages, Shri Sammed Shikhar Ji
Your Favourite Saint Charitra Chakravarti Aacharya Shri Shanti Sagar Ji, Tapasvi Samrat Aacharya Shri Sanmati Sagar Ji, Saadhna and Srijan ke Sopan Aacharya Shri Pushpdant Sagar Ji (the milestone of austerity and creativity)
Your Favourite Stotra Jin Sahastranaam Stotra
Your Favourite Poetry Bhaktamer Maha Kavya


  1. The Honourable Governor Shri O P Kohli Ji, of Gujarat Govt.(INDIA) honoured you with the title of ‘SADHANA MAHODADHI’.
  2. You have been designated by the Vietnam University with the DOCTORATE DEGREE for your work and writings on the world’s biggest Rakhi, Rakshasutra. It’s a matter of great pride for India.
  3. Your name has been recorded in INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS, ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS AND GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS, for your works.
  4. The biggest Rakhi, Rakshasutra book of Rakhi, can be read on google which teaches mutual brotherhood to save human values and gives the message of affection and peace.
  5. You are honoured with the ‘BHARAT GAURAV’ (Pride Of India) title in the Parliament of Britain by the social and cultural society.

Apart from the titles mentioned above,others are as---

Maha Siddhzuban, Pravachankar, Maha Vakta, Maha Kripa Chhatra, Maha Gyani-Dhyani-Yogi, Maha Muni, Maha Gayak, Mahimvant, Maha Shaktishali, Mahamantra Aaradhak, Maha Ojasvi, Maha Charitravaan, Maha Padyatri, Maha Upwasi, Maha Tejasvi, Maha Dharmdrishta, Maha Sankatharta, Maha Saubhagyashali, Maha Dhurandhar, Maha Puja Pahyat Aaradhak and Gayak, Maha Deshna, Maha Anand Yatri, Maha Drishti, Maha Purush, Maha Vinayi, Samta Samwahak, Indriyajeta, Atmasevi, Guru Aagyanuvarti, Maha Maanavtavadi, Sadhguru, Shantidoot, Pragati Prerak, Saraswati Putra, Maha Sanyami, Maha Nirnayak, Maha Kritagyi, Maha Dishadarshak, Mahadeep, and ‘ANTARMANA’.


It is a unique opportunity for the jain world and religious devotees that the mentor and his disciple are having together the chaturmas of 2019 .The phenomenal occasion of the blessings from the mentor and the dedication of the pupil has neither happened in the past nor in future . The golden moment is witnessed by the whole country . Even before entering the pushpgiri tirth complex , the whole atmosphere was taking a shape indicating a new energy, a new fragrance and charm .The trees and the plants , every minuscule , and the stones in the paths of pushpgiri looked like Shree Ram had come to emancipate Ahilya . The occasions and practices organized during the chaturmas 2019 at pushpgiri will prove to be world wide celebrations growing the seed of consciousness in huge gatherings . The devotees who will be present in Antarmana Muni Shree Prasanna Sagar Ji Golden Jubilee birth year and on the day of inspiration 23rd july 2019 , will be the luckiest and bestowed with devotional shower of knowledge during the journey of festival to celebrations.


Suddenly I get elated when I hear from far or from near , about my pupil , to whom the jain fraternity is admiring , listening to and understanding with complete devotion. His qualities and embellishments , the culmination of penance are the pride for the jain world. The happiness of the mentor lies in the joy and happiness of the pupil. The essence of the seed is not in the tree but in the sweetness of its fruit. The echo of revolutionary practice of silence and Ubhay Masopawasi Fasts by Shri Prasanna Sagar Ji are the unparallel fusion of penance and creativity. The effective and charming voice is attained by the results of good deeds. He has got that speech. The teacher very well knows that the human consciousness grows in the circumference of just two values. Out of which some are constant and some are variable. The importance of knowledge has prevailed since eternity. Along with the austerity of Prasanna Sagar Ji ,if I would gift him the endless treasure of knowledge, then my teaching ability with his learning ability will be capable of giving a valuable life to the human values. When he manages to become an epitome of meditation, penance and austerity, and changes my happiness to the greatest delight, then my inner self as a mentor , will bloom with extreme joy and the height of gladness. Thereafter the seed will experience the pleasure of the sweetness of its fruit.

My blessings and blessings and blessings .

I AM FULLY DEDICATED IN THE GREAT YAJNA OF NATION BUILDING INDIA WILL BE CALLED THE PREACHER OF THE WORLD WHO BECAME THE MAIN SOURCE IN THE JOURNEY FROM PAPPU TO PARAM PUJYA AND HOW I couldn’t study in the village I lived and my conscience provoked that I have to look into my SELF . Who am I , from where I have come , where have I to go etc. These questions haunted my heart and it was my good luck or we can say immense good luck that the Pushpgirio creator Param Pujya Aacharya Sgree Pushpdant Sagar Ji came and transformed Pappu to Param Pujya . A MESSAGE - I want to say that if you want to change something , change yourself . The world will remain unchanged until you change yourself. MUNIWAR , DOES INDIA REALLY NEEDS SAINTS AND SAGES - Yes , there is the need of saints but not so many . Actually India needs the true saints. Today there are about 60 lakh saints wandering around . Even if six of them are improved , the Earth will become heavenly . But this is not happening in reality. Most of them are like the rainy frogs , the saints by name and not by deeds. WHERE DO YOU SEE THE FUTURE OF INDIA - I can see the future of India at its zenith . I believe that the country will attain spiritual heights and will prove to be the preacher of the world.

WHAT ARE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS - The happiness in my inner self and a place in the hearts of my followers and loved ones . PLEASE TELL THE HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR MESSAGE - Yes, I Have Five Messages To Give. From Competition To Progress . From Stress To Love And Affection . From Humanity To Nationality. From Smile To Divinity . From Character To Empathy THE OBJECTIVE OF YOUR NON VIOLENCE MORAL RALLY - Descent Of Morality Loss Of Principles Disappearing Human Services To Highlight The Endangered Religious Literature And Traditions. In the end he said in his deep solemn patient voice . “I am completely devoted in the great yajna of nation building and development of a beautiful , peaceful and brotherly human race. I will be working in the direction of increment and protection of moral valued in the human civilization .”

UNLIMITED OCEAN OF HAPPINESS PRIDE OF INDIA,SAINT OF AUSTERITY,MOST RESPECTED SAINT IN THE JAIN WORLD,DIGAMBER SAINT ANTARMANA MUNISHRI PRASANNA SAGAR JI MAHARAJ PERSONALITY A childhood which never attained youth,but bloomed with inner self consciousness.The heart was being prepared to introduce the mortality and reality of the world.Away from studies the desire to read and know the inner Self became more aggressive.Probably in the course of time, it will be read that the same youth who found happiness in the light of self consciousness, has become the most popular, in the country and Jain Fraternity by the name, Antarmana Muni Shri Prasanna Sagar Ji, and is worshipped with utmost respect and admiration. The melodious voice of Shri Prasanna Sagar Ji is like the water of the calm river, which flows and gives a soothing blessing to crores of devotees. It is accepted by religious people, making them stand on the threshold of Enlightment.The philosophy of life of Muni Shri Antarmana depicts the milestones attained by Self Control,Penance,Creations,Brotherhood ,Absolute Truth,Concentration ,Purity and Spirituality, building a great Personality. With respect to his personality, it can be defined that the great people like him provide purity of existence. His instinct is like an uninterrupted flame with rays, which enlightens his followers. Actually we can write the factual article on the unique personality of Shri Prasanna Sagar Ji, but when trying to write about the ascending flame of the lightened lamp inside his heart core, there are simply no words and no words can describe his great Personality.

                 Antarmana Muni Shri possesses not only intellect and wisdom but also the beauty of relativity and collectiveness. Saints like him are born on Earth in different time zones, and bless the living beings on Earth, for their well being, with their teachings and preachings. They live in absolute penance, self control, religious practices, fasts and self discipline.

You belong to the family of King Chhatrasal, of the famous city, Chhatarpur (MP) which is known for its contribution in the freedom struggle and tradition of saints and sages. Your mentor Aacharya Shri Pushpdant Sagar Ji (uncle in real life), Aaryika Padmashri Mataji (grandmother in real life) are important milestones in the Jain World. Your birth name is Dilip Kumar Jain (Pappu) born on 23rd July 1970, whose Golden Jubilee Celebration is organized at Pushpgiri on the national level. Born in the house of Abhay Kumar Jain and in the womb of Shobha Devi Ji, You attained renunciation just by Seeing Aacharya Shri Pushpdant Sagar Ji, and touching his feet. At the age of 19 only, you sacrificed the worldly pleasures and became the Youth Saint in the saint fraternity. The future descriptions and writings in the saint fraternity will highlight the fact, that the contemplation and speech of Antarmana Muni Shri Prasanna Sagar Ji are the documents of awakening, which will always enlighten the path. Your life is like that laboratory where the experiments are carried out involving self analysis, internal purity and self introspection. Since 20-30 years of austerity, you are recognized amongst the unique self analytical saints in the saint fraternity. Because of the milestones created by your austerity and possession of fluent speech,you have been ornamented with various Titles and Designations. The list is being highlighted for the knowledge of readers, whereas Muni Shri, the milestone of penance, is unaware of the Titles.

GOLDEN JUBILEE OF MY DIETY ANTARMANA MUNI SHRI PRASANNA SAGAR JI Normally people have many rebirths,but there are special ones, who took birth and did unparallel works which bloomed and benefitted the human race. Such is Antarmana, wh/o bears Great Personality, transformed from Pappu to Param Pujya, and was named Dilip Kumar Jain by mother Shobha Devi and father Abhay Kumar Jain. He renounced the worldly affairs in the guidance of his mentor, Aacharya Shri Pushpdant Sagar Ji. Thereafter Antarmana wrote such a hearty script that he became the source of happiness in the hearts of people. Matter is true at an instant, it’s the truth.Good deeds are true in all tenses, it’s the truth. The Almighty is forever true, its also the truth. But analyzing these Truths, Muni Shri Antarmana Prasanna Sagar Ji has given the unique example to gain the peak of success in life, and to have a meaningful life with harmony. His penance is the journey of becoming ghee (butter) from the milk, a tree from the seed, from worldly pleasures to austerity and worship to attain his God. Antarmana Golden Jubilee Year Celebration is to affirm the goodness of Good Deeds, to increase the Purity, to build Good Faith and to state the unique relation and connection between Austerity, Dedication, Affection, Brotherhood, and Forgiveness. Today we are going to celebrate the Golden Jubilee Celebration at Pushpgiri pilgrimage, in the company of the Sun of Affection, Creator of Pushpgiri Tirth, Aacharya Shri Pushpdant Sagar Ji. To praise one’s merits is to respect one’s life. Come together for the celebration of Birth Anniversary of our worshipped Diety ANTARMANA, and give a fruitful value to our Lives.

Meri Bhavana

(My Aspirations)

He who conquered love and hatred, and vanquished sensual temptation, True cosmic knowledge who attained and showed the path to salvation; Some may call Him Buddha, Hari, Jina, or may call him Brahma, Supreme; His thoughts and deep devotion may be in my heart and mind and dream. Who do not long for sensual zest, whose feelings are gentle and right; In well being of world and self, who do endeavor day and night. Who do penance of selflessness and who have no regrets in life; To lessen sufferings of this world, such learned sages do strife. May I always look up to them and may I keep them in my mind; Practice their conduct in my life, I wish my mind be so inclined. May I never injure a life; of lying, may I never think; Not wanting others' wealth and spouse, contentment-nectar may I drink. May egotism I never feel; angry, may never I become; On seeing others' worldly wealth, to envy may I not succumb. May I always feel and ponder to act in true and sincere way; I always may do good to all, as far as I can, everyday. For living beings of the world, feelings of friendship may I show; For woeful creatures, from my heart, may stream of kindness ever flow. The cruel, wicked and evil doers, my mood and mind may not resent; May thoughts of mine be so mended, of others I may be tolerant. My heart may be so full of love, whenever I see a noble man; My mind may be so full of joy, I serve him as much as I can. May I never be ungrateful; malice never be in my mind; May I not see faults of people; high virtues may I always find. Let someone call me good or bad, let riches come or turn away, Whether I live for million years, or I face death this very day. Whether someone does frighten me, or even tempt me in some way; May my steps never falter from proven good and righteous way. Neither may I be too joyous, nor may I be nervous in pain; I may not dread stormy river, a jungle, ghost or rough mountain. Firm, unshaken and well balanced, my mind may ever grow and grow; In beloved's passing, evil's face, and endurance may I ever show. May worldly creatures be blissful, uneasiness may no one feel; Forgetting ill will, pride and guilt, new songs of joy may sing with zeal. May truth be talk of every home, there be no sign of evil act; Enlightened people may improve, fruits of this life may get, in fact. Misfortune, dread may never come; bountiful rains come well in time; May rulers always be righteous, may justice be even, sublime. Disease and famine may not be; may people have plenty and peace; Nonviolence be the rule of world, may world be full of joy and ease, May mutual love pervade the world and dark delusions fade away; Untrue, unkind, intriguing, harsh, such words, no one may ever say. May all become Yugvir at heart; welfare and peace may all attain; Facing all sorrows with patience, nature of truth may all men gain.