Lesson 3 Importance Of Pilgrimages (Holy Places)

यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Lesson-3 Importance Of pilgrimages (Holy Places)

Suresh-Sir! My father has asked me to read “Tirth Vandana” daily, because it is auspicious and give heavenly pleasure. Please explain me the meaning of Tirth (holy places)?
Teacher-Yes Suresh! You have asked a very good question. Please listen attentively. Tirth is that place from where one crosses over the endless worldly ocean.
Because of this quality, teaching of Arihant Bhagwan is the only religion, which can be called as true “Tirth.”
At the same time the places where Tirthankars or any other great persons are born or attain salvation and their other events of Panchkalyank have taken place, are called “Tirths”, because footsteps of great persons have made them auspicious.
Naresh-My mother often says that being a human being one should go to Sammed Shikharji for worship at least once during his life time, why so sir?
Teacher-Although you should also go to Girnarji, Champapuri, Pawapuri, Ayodhya, Hastinapur and many such holy places for worship, but to go to Sammed Shikharji for worship has a special importance. It is a common saying (belief): 'Ek Bar Vande Jo Koi, Tahi Narak Pashu Gati Nahi Hoi.'
He, who once visits Sammed Shikharji for worship, will never go to hell or become a tiryanch (an animal). Virtually he is a Bhavya Jeev who will liberate himself within forty nine births. It is by law that he will attain salvation. Therefore look children, you must visit to great holy Tirth Sammed Shikharji for worship.

Q. 1. Why Sammed Shikharji is called a great holy Tirth?
Q. 2. Which Gati do we not get after visiting Sammed Shikharji?
Q. 3. Who is called Bhavya?