Lesson 4 Barah Bhavana

Sanyam (चर्चा | योगदान) द्वारा परिवर्तित १५:४८, ७ मई २०१३ का अवतरण (''''Lesson-4 Barah Bhavana''' <br /> Twelve Holy Emotions (Thoughts) <br /> (Written by-'''Aryika Chandnamati''') <br /> (Tune - Chalat...' के साथ नया पृष्ठ बनाया)
(अंतर) ← पुराना अवतरण | वर्तमान अवतरण (अंतर) | नया अवतरण → (अंतर)
यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Lesson-4 Barah Bhavana
Twelve Holy Emotions (Thoughts)
(Written by-Aryika Chandnamati)
(Tune - Chalat Musafir Moh liyo Re......)

I'm praying to you Jinavar deva!
I'm praying to you
Praying to you, I'm saying to you-2
I'm praying to you Jinvar deva.
I did not know about my soul,
I could not think about myself
. So tell me that path deva.......I'm praying to you........

1. Anitya Bhavana
All things are momentary in world,
Everybody doing the birth and death.
It is also nature of Universe......I'm praying to you.........1

2. Asharan Bhavana
Unprotected are the souls of creatures
They are feeling fruition of Karmas.
Any body doesn't help here.......I'm praying to you.........2

3. Sansar Bhavana
Soul moves in Universe from eternal,
And could not attain true happiness.
Now I want ending sorrow......I'm praying to you........3

4. Ekatva Bhavana
I came alone and will go alone too,
There is neither any friend nor enemy.
None takes my manifold sufferings......I'm praying to you.....4

5. Anyatva Bhavana
Soul is separate from my body,
All relatives are different from me,
I think, my soul is as God.....I'm praying to you....5

6. Ashuchi Bhavana
Although my soul is so sacred,
But He became impure by Karmas.
Please bless me to get pure soul...I'm praying to you.....6
7. Ashrav Bhavana
The inflow of Karmas grows my Universe,
And it also originates the Passions.
Sacred and sinful kinds of Ashravas...I'm praying to you....7

8. Samvar Bhavana
The inflow of Karmas stopped where,
That condition is known by Samvar.
I want to attain this manner.....I'm praying to you....8

9. Nirjara Bhavana
After the fruition of those Karmas,
Dissociation of them then takes place.
Two kinds of this holy Nirjara.....I'm praying to you....9

10. Lok Bhavana
Universe is situated from eternal,
Which is divided in three Lokas.
We are wandering without knowledge....I'm praying to you...10

11. Bodhidurlabh Bhavana
Human life is the best than all lives,
But difficult is, to attain Ratnatraya.
Give me that Right Path, deva......I'm praying to you....11

12. Dharma Bhavana Religion is the nature of thing, say Granthas,
I want to receive nature of the soul.
Then, I will get Salvation........I'm praying to you...12
These are called as twelve Anupreksha,
Meditated by all great persons.
"Chandnamati" wants to get them......I'm praying to you....

Q.1. How many holy emotions are there?
Q.2. What is the Characterstic of Ekatva Bhavana and Dharma Bhavana?
Q.3. Recite Asharan and Ashuchi Bhavana?